Member : Kim Jae-kyung (leader)
Date of birth : December 24, 1988
Height / Weight: 168cm / 45kg
Education: Dongduk Women’s University

Member : Koh Woo-ri
Date of birth : February 22, 1988
Height / Weight: 165cm / 44kg


Member : Kim Ji-sook
Date of birth : July 18, 1990
Height / Weight: 164cm / 41kg

Member : Noeul
Date of birth : May 10, 1989
Height / Weight: 164cm / 44kg

Member : Oh Seung-ah (real name: Oh Se-mi)
Date of birth : September 13, 1988
Height / Weight: 167cm / 45kg
Education: Sangmyung University

Member : Jeong Yun-hye
Date of birth : April 14, 1990
Height / Weight: 166cm / 47kg
Education: Dongduk Women’s University

Member : Jo Hyun-young
Date of birth : August 11, 1991
Height / Weight: 160cm / 41kg

For this week, Soompi’s featured artist is the female group, Rainbow. This is the new group from DSP Entertainment, the agency which also created FINKL and Kara. Rainbow debuted in November last year. Four years of hard training have prepared these seven girls for the tough environment of today’s music industry. Named Rainbow for seven members of the group, the girls exhibit just as many different personalities and musical styles as the colorful rainbow.

They’re innocent, lively, coquettish, and sexy, but most of all, they’re extremely talented. When you listen to the tracks in their first album, you’ll be able to appreciate how different they are from all the new girl groups flooding the Korean music industry today.

They have received a lot of love from fans for their fresh and bubbly image with their mini album “Gossip Girl”. After eight months, they are back with their first digital single album “A”. The title track “A” was co-produced by Han Jae Ho and Kim Seung Soo, which is a pop dance track with hip hop beats and a touch of rock.

The song showcases the members’ individuality and refreshing voices, as well as their great rapping skills. Unlike their fresh and bubbly concept from their first mini album “Gossip Girl”, their digital single album photo concept reveals more of a mature and sophisticated style. Through their music stage appearances, we’ll be expecting to see a different side of Rainbow that we haven’t seen in the past. 


Gossip Girl (EP, 2009-11-12) : Not Your Girl, Gossip Girl, I Believe, Kiss, etc.

A (Digital Single, 2010-08-12)

[Soompi Rainbow’s Official Thread


Source : KBS World + Melon + Soompi + Youtube 
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