Kim Hyun Joong
Date of birth : June 6th, 1986
Blood type : B
Physique : 180cm, 68kg
Education : Hanyang Industrial High School
Hobbies : Swimming, weight training, basketball, soccer
Talents : Playing the guitar, piano, dancing
Motto : Life in one strike.

Huh Young Saeng
Date of birth : November 3rd, 1986
Blood type : O
Physique : 178cm, 63kg
Education : Graduated from Hyundai High School
Hobbies : Computer games, basketball, listening to music
Talent : Playing the piano
Motto : Don’t look behind after doing your best.

Kim Kyu Jong
Date of birth : February 24th, 1987
Blood type : A
Physique : 181cm, 65kg
Education : Department of Popular Music, Baekje Arts Collge
Hobbies : Listening to music, basketball, reading
Talent : Performing magic
Motto : Challenge and don’t have regrets.

Park Jung Min
Date of birth : April 3rd, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 67kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobby : Writing lyrics
Talents : Tap dancing, rock climbing
Motto : Be always grateful.

Kim Hyung Joon
Date of birth : August 3rd, 1987
Blood type : O
Physique : 181cm, 66kg
Education : High school affiliated to Dankook University
Hobbies : Computer games, weight training, listening to music
Talents : Swimming, dancing
Motto : Walk and walk.

For this week, soompi’s featured artist is the group SS501. This is a 5-man band made up of members in their late teens. The name of the band is a combination of the letters and numbers that have special meanings for the band members. The first “S” stands for the “Sun” and the “Star”. The second “S” is an abbreviation for “Singer”. The numbers 5,0 and 1 mean, “the 5 members of the band become one”. In other words, the name SS501 means that 5 members gathered together to become singers and later in the future, big stars in the entertainment world.

The 5 members of the band were either chosen through auditions for scouted by casting directors of the management agency. However, all the members went through fierce musical and dance training before they could perform as a band. Although the members of the band started their careers as singers, each of them will eventually challenge other genres like acting or producing music.

Their debut single “Warning” got positive feedback from audiences. Then they released their second single “Snow Prince” which made them become popular. Beside singing, they also worked in various fields of the entertainment industry. They have done many CFs, variety shows and have even become MCs and DJs for music and radio shows. Two of the members also participated in the “Grease” musical and the mega popular drama “Boys Over Flowers”.

In 2007, they debuted in Japan with their first single, “Kokoro” which debuted at the 5th position. They gained popularly and was admired by new fans in Japan. Last year, they had their 1st Asia Tour Persona in several Asian countries. International fans were excited to finally see their idols perform in their countries.

After wrapping up their 1st Asia Tour Persona, SS501 jumped right into preparations for their new mini-album, “Destination”. They worked again with American producers Steven Lee and Ken Lewis, who also worked on “Rebirth”, as well as Grammy-winning mix engineer Kevin “KD” Davis. The group crafted another world-class pop album with four new songs. Taking a step away from the current electronic trend, SS501’s lead single “Love Ya” is a grand and emotional mid-tempo piece with heavy beats and orchestral and piano accompaniment.

The six-track release also features the R&B number “Let Me Be the One”, the dance song “Crazy 4 U” (which SS501 unveiled earlier during their tour), and the Eurobeat-style pop number “Forever” penned by Young Saeng.  SS501 has already ended their promotions for this album amid speculations they are ending their contract with their current management company.


* SS501 (1st single, 2005-06-23) : Warning, Passion, Never Again, Take U High, Everything

* SS501 (2nd single, 2005-12-05) : My Girl, Snow Prince, In Your Smile, Fighter

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* S.T 01 Now (1st album, 2006. 11. 10)

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* Deja Vu (Single, 2008-03-13)

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* Find (Single, 2008-07-24)

* UR Man (EP, 2008-11-21)

* SS501 Collection (Single, 2009-06-18)

* SS501 Collection 2 (2009-07-02)

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* SS501 / Rebirth  (EP, 2009-10-20)

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* Destination (EP, 2010-05-24)

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Source : KBS World + Daum/YahooKR/Melon + Youtube + Soompi