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Name: Go Youn-ha
Date of Birth: April 29, 1988
Talent: Playing the piano
Blood Type: O
Company: Lion Media Entertainment
Family: Grandmother, Parents, Younger Sister
Education: Korean University of Foreign Language
Languages Spoken: Korean, Japanese, English

Singer Younha made her debut in Japan at the age of sixteen and gained instant fame there. She is often compared with BoA because both are Korean female singers who have found success in the neighboring country, but Younha’s musical style is very different.

Her songs have been featured in Japanese animes and dramas, and she is the second Korean female singer to make her mark on Japan’s Oricon music charts (the first being BoA).

Younha debuted in Japan after being signed in Korea and released her first Korean single “Audition (Time2Rock) in 2006. The 19-year-old released her first Korean album “A Good Day to Confess/ A Perfect Day To Say I Love You)” in 2007, which featured a collaboration with popular singer Wheesung.

Her second album, Someday (2008), comprised of 17 tracks of various genres. Someday maintained a good sales record, holding up at the top 5 on the sales charts for more than a month after it was released.

Between releasing her own singles and albums, Younha also had time to collaborate with other singers such as Kim Bum Soo, Wheesung, Ajoo and Epik High in their albums.

For this year, 2009. Younha has come back with her third album. She sings about the precious things in her life in this album. For this album, she has a new image that is softer and more feminine. This album has 10 tracks that cover acoustic pop, modern rock, and ballads. The title song is already on several k-pop charts.

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* Go! Younha (1st Japanese album, 2006): Houkiboshi, Motto Futari de, Orenji no Hatsukoi, Aoi Lemon, Yubikiri (Japanese Version), Himawari, My Lover, Yume no Tsuzuki, Ashita, Tenki ni Nare, Aiaigasa, Negai wa Hitotsu, Omoide ni Dekinai, Touch

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* Audition (Time2Rock) (single, 2006): Audition (Time2Rock), Waiting, Audition- Instrumental, Waiting – Instrumental

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* A Perfect Day To Say I Love You (1st Korean album, 2007): Delete, I Cry, Password 486, A Perfect Day To Say I Love You, Hello Beautiful Day, Only Today, A Condition For Love, Fly, Innermost Feelings, Childish Greed (feat. Hweesung), Alice

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* A Perfect Day To Say I Love You (Repackaged (1st Korean album, 2007)

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* Someday (2008, 2nd album) : Gossip Boy, Memory (feat. Tablo – Rap Mix version), Hero, Someday, Telepathy, Rain & The Bar, The Sound Of Rain, Rainbow, Best Friend, Strawberry Days, For Catharina, Hating, My Song and…, Don’t Cry, Memory (Original Mix) etc

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* Part A: Peace Love & Ice Cream (3rd album, 2009) : Peace, Love and Ice cream, Black Rain, Break Out, 123, She Is, Love (사랑하다), Luv U Luv U Luv U, My Song and… (Korean Version), 123 (Instrumental), Love Me (Instrumental)

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