Recently After School‘s agency Pledis revealed proof pictures of fan support for Kahi on the set of KBS “Dream High 2” filming on its official Facebook page. In the revealed photos, Kahi is holding up a cup with her character sticker on, posing next to a large amount of snack packages from fans with a happy smile on her face. Kahi herself distributed these snack packages to all the crew members on set. 

Netizens commented, “Is that the fan support that only the most popular artists and entertainers get?” “Kahi’s fans are as nice as her,” and “I want to drink a cup of coffee that Kahi serves.” 

Currently, Kahi is starring in KBS “Dream High 2” as Hyun Ji Soo, a charismatic dance instructor at Kirin High School. She recently enrolled at Seo Kyeong University as a freshman majoring in theater and movies. With After School’s first regular Japanese album “PLAYGIRLZ,” set to be released on March 14, Kahi has a very busy schedule ahead of her as an actress, singer, and a student.