TOO debuted in 2020, via the reality survival show World Klass. A netizen uncovered member Woonggi‘s old askfm account back from 2018. The singer is born in 2002, making him a mere 16 years old internationally back then. His askfm answers have gained attention for being extremely accepting of LGBTQ+.

| World Klass

An anonymous asked sent in, “I’m queer! I’m thankful for your posts…hehe have a good day ????” to which Woonggi very politely thanked the asker for looking upon him positively and bid them a good day as well. When someone declared that male feminists should be abolished, Woonggi coolly replied, “I have nothing to say to you. Don’t live like that~

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When an anon asked him why he did not wear crop tops or off-the-shoulder tops despite having spoken up in defense of it on his personal Facebook account, Woonggi only had one answer that totally broke gender norms.

I’m wearing a crop top now though? kk… My legs are long so people just don’t know… Maybe it’s cuz it’s not a super cropped top? And for off-the-shoulders, you buy me one!! And there’s no one that doesn’t care what others think. You too, are caring about what I think that’s why you are asking me through askfm right? Hehe anyway even if you wear an off-the-shoulder or a crop top, it’s still just as hot as if you wear a short-sleeved tee.

— Woonggi

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He also shot down people that discriminated against minorities, slapping back with “so what about LGBTQ+??? If you treat LGBTQ+ with disgust I don’t like you.

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Woonggi also impressed with his answer regarding ideal types and their hairstyles, claiming he does not keep an ideal type.

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Lastly, when an asker left the note, “so what if people are gay and so what if they aren’t? They’re all human,” Woonggi replied with an adorable simile.

It’s like the difference between preferring to dip your sweet and sour pork in the sauce or preferring to pour it all over. Regardless of your preference, there’s absolutely no problem!! Why are people nitpicking at someone who likes to dip their sweet and sour pork and telling them to pour the sauce over instead?

— Woonggi

What a well-educated and well-spoken idol! With their current management issues, here’s to hoping for the best for him.