ASTRO‘s Cha Eun Woo shed tears on a recent episode of Master In The House, shocking the cast as well as fans with his genuine emotions. The show invited celebrity guests to talk about their successful marriages and happy life.

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Upon hearing their stories, Eun Woo mentioned, “I’d like to get married.” He further explained, “I think it’s hard to meet someone that you’re able to tell all your embarrassing sides and really connect with, but once you have a family or get married, this is possible.

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Tears welled up in his eyes soon, and the other cast members comforted him.

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Eunwoo explained that it wasn’t so much about romance and marriage, but that meeting someone you could connect with and tell everything to, is something rare.

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He heartbreakingly shared that he really wants to be able to tell someone every single thing inside of him without restraint, but he has yet to be able to.

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He has yet to meet the special someone, be it platonic or romantic, that he can put down all his walls with.

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What a touching confession! As an idol, it is not easy to be able to meet someone you can tell your deepest most emotions to. Here’s to hoping he meets someone amazing and understanding one day! Check out the video below.