The charming members of ASTRO recently participated in an interview and pictorial with DAZED Korea! With their second full-length, All Yours, coming up, the members revealed several details on the album and the preparation for their comeback.

dazed astro

In their interview, Eunwoo expressed his excitement over changing his hair color for the comeback.

This is my first time dyeing my hair such a light color. It’s because we’re preparing for ASTRO’s comeback, which is going to happen soon.

— Eunwoo


Sanha also shared his excitement over the pictorial and shared that he practiced several poses!

On my way to the shoot, I imagined what kind of facial expressions and poses I could try during (the shoot). Because I want to try new things for every pictorial. I spend a lot of time thinking about it, but once I actually stand in front of the camera, I just improvise.

— Sanha


The members then focused on their album and mentioned several hot details on the concept as well as the various songs within it. Moonbin claimed that the album’s title track is especially powerful.

In ‘All Yours,’ we express our feelings of wanting to give ASTRO’s fans our everything. There’s a colorful lineup of songs, but the title track specifically is very powerful and goes harder than our songs in the past. You can safely look forward to it.

— Moonbin


Jinjin commented on the album’s diversity and how fans can definitely expect to see a fresh new side of ASTRO.

‘All Yours’ is a diverse album that obtains not only ASTRO’s original charms, but new sides of the group as well.

— Jinjin


Because ASTRO is full of talent, charm, and hard-working members, Rocky stated that the members have improved a lot since their last comeback!

(This album) is ASTRO’s announcement that we are making a fresh start. Because we’ve improved so much compared to what we’ve shown in the past. In terms of music, choreography—everything—we’ve found direction

— Rocky


MJ concluded the interview and revealed how the album features a song that he composed himself! Without spoiling the whole song, Jinjin shared small details about his self-composed songs.

Our new album features a song that I composed. I can’t go into a lot of detail because we haven’t released it yet, I can say that I wrote the lyrics while comparing ASTRO’s feelings for AROHA (ASTRO’s fandom) to stars.

— MJ


From the group’s interview, it appears that fans are in for an amazing album! All Yours is set to release on April 5 KST!