On the second episode of DIVE Studios‘ podcast UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO, PENTAGON‘s Kino and ASTRO‘s JinJin “unboxed” their favorite songs of March. JinJin’s playlist included MONSTA X‘s I.M with his new solo album’s title track “God Damn.”

JinJin said that he had frequently talked to I.M about music and admires him. He praised not only the title song but the entire album. He said, “I think I.M explained himself through this album.”

Changkyun (I.M) and I’d talk about music a lot in the past. I think he’s a really cool guy. He has his own way. He has pride in himself. I think he’s a really cool guy even though he’s my friend. I have a lot to learn from him…

— JinJin

He and Kino revealed that they are both friends with I.M. When they realized they both knew him, they suggested that he be invited to guest on the show!

Today, I.M and JinJin proved their friendship even further when I.M posted a video to MONSTA X’s TikTok account. They danced to ASTRO’s #One_Challenge.


#MONSTAX #MONSTA_X #몬스타엑스 #IM #아이엠 #ASTRO #ONE #One_Challenge #아스트로 #틱톡 #TikTok

♬ ONE – 아스트로

Fans noticed that the background of their TikTok resembles the set in which they film UNBOXING w/ JINJIN & KINO causing many to believe that the Kino and JinJin were successful in recruiting I.M!

We hope they’re right! We love when our favs come together. ❤️