After revealing a mysterious teaser on February 20th for an upcoming fan meeting, ASTRO has their fans, Aroha, excited after announcing that it would be called the “2021 ASTRO AROHA Festival [Be Mine].”

On Fantagio‘s Twitter account, they posted a teaser poster. In the image, the members showcase their stunning visuals in a romantic pink and red Valentine-esque concept.

The group will hold their on-tact fan meeting on Sunday, March 28th at 5 p.m. KST. It is the first event that they have held like this since 2019.

Fans can expect a lot of fun as the band have always treated fans to unique performances, games, and chit chat.

The Fantagio boy group have recently celebrated their fifth anniversary. The group shared images that also had a simple and romantic feel to thank fans for their support.

| @ASTRO_Staff/Twitter

In June, ASTRO held their first-ever online concert “WWW.” This will be the first event where the band can directly interact with their fans.