Fantagio Music continues to go through a turbulent time with the firing of the agency’s CEO, which has led to some concern about plans for artists including ASTRO.

Fantagio Music’s former CEO Woo Young Seung was fired on May 11 by JC Group, a major shareholder of Fantagio. Woo Young Saeng’s place is being taken by the secretary of Wei Jie, the current CEO of Fantagio Entertainment. This comes after the founder and former co-CEO of Fantagio Entertainment Na Byung Jun was dismissed by JC Group last year, with former co-CEO Wei Jie becoming the sole CEO of the agency.

Fantagio Music is home to groups including ASTRO, Weki Meki, and Hello Venus, and it was reported by a news outlet that a planned June comeback by ASTRO will be delayed due to the situation at the agency.

A source from Fantagio Music responded on May 14 by telling Star News, “ASTRO’s comeback schedule has not been confirmed. There has been nothing decided about a delay of the album.”

In addition to concerns about the management of the agency’s artists, the dismissal of Woo Young Seung is also an issue because there are now no longer any heads of the agency or registered board members in Fantagio Music or Fantagio Entertainment that meet the requirements of the Act on the Development of the Public Culture and Arts Industry. This means that following the firing of Woo Young Seung, Fantagio Music is currently in violation of the act.

After the news of Woo Young Seung’s dismissal, Fantagio issued a statement explaining the decision and outlining its promises for the future.

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