In a recent online fan meeting call, ATEEZ‘s talented leader Hongjoong was asked by a fan about his new ankle tattoo!

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Not too long ago, fans spotted a tattoo on the back of Hongjoong’s leg. His tattoo was pointed out in Hongjoong’s appearance on Baverse Studio‘s YouTube channel. With the unclear visual of the tattoo, fans speculated it to be a tattoo of an angel or butterfly wings! In the middle of the wings, fans also made out some letters but were uncertain of what they exactly spelled out.

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The fan on the call asked, “Hongjoong, so I’m very curious about your new tattoo on your ankle. What’s the image of it? It’s a butterfly or something?” Hongjoong confirmed his new tattoo and explained it’s related to the movie Peter Pan, one of his personal favorites!

So it’s kind of wings. Cause when I was young I really like ‘Peter Pan,’ like Kensington Gardens, so I really like that so I drew some wings for tattoo and they drew at my ankle and in the middle of wings there are some words. The words ‘Faith’ cause I really like that word.

— Hongjoong

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Hongjoong continued and shared how the tattoo’s design is laid out and how it creates a beautiful message.

For ‘I,’ ‘I’ is centered (in between the wings), ‘I have the wings.’ So, I have wings and  ‘faith.’ And I make some meaning. I love that.

— Hongjoong

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| Baverse studio/YouTube

Check out the video below: