Hongjoong is the leader (and captain!) of ATEEZ, and though the position comes with a ton of responsibility and pressure, he manages it with grace and admirable responsibility. Because of his caring, selfless, and giving nature, there’s no doubt that he is absolutely boyfriend material all the time, but here are 17 pieces of evidence to prove it!

1. Even at a distance, his visuals are stunning.

1 cutieseokjoong

3 cutieseokjoong

2. Of course he would write songs about you.

2 cutieseokjoong

18 jjongcherryboo

3. Even with how hard-working he is, he would definitely leave time to spend with you.

4 cutieseokjoong

4. His selca game is strong, which means lots of cute pictures together with you!

5 atzoff

19 atzoff

5. Like the other ATEEZ boys, he’d never leave you behind.

6 M_SAN99

15 atzoff

6. He’d make sure you were never hungry either!

7 ch0ihxo

8 ch0ihxo

7. You wouldn’t be able to escape his camera lens!

11 ch0ihxo

16 atinyhongjoong

8. He knows he’s boyfriend material af.

9. You would never be bored with this playful guy.

9 ch0ihxo

10 ch0ihxo

10. He cares about so many important causes, so you know he’s kind-hearted and genuine.

12 atzoff

11. He just looks so soft and cozy!

13 atinyhongjoong

12. He would make you the most incredible re-designed clothing and accessories!

20 atzoff

13. He’s an incredibly good listener that would support you through anything.

14. His boyish good looks are so incredibly endearing.

14 atinyhongjoong


15. But don’t forget he has an insane duality that would keep you on your toes.



16. Just imagine all the cute late-night video calls!

17 atinyhongjoong

17. You know your days would be happy and bright being the center of attention of this beautiful smile.

24 suicune1000tv

25 atzoff