Continuing with the ongoing “ATEEZ boyfriend material” series, it’s time to take a look at Yeosang! This visual of the group has an incredible amount of charms and traits that would make him an incredible partner for anyone — even the other ATEEZ members agree — so there are really countless reasons one could show to prove this. For now, here are 17 pieces of evidence that show how perfect he would be!

1. It’s basically unanimous among the other ATEEZ members who has the most boyfriend material.

2. He would be so soft and cozy to cuddle.

1 yeosanghourly

13 iYE0BAE

3. He’s just so effortlessly chic and handsome even in casual attire.


4. What’s prettier: The flowers he would give you, or him?



5. Of course you would need to take tons of model pictures of him.

18 atzoff

19 atzoff


6. He would send you the prettiest selcas while he’s traveling.

6 atzoff

7. Anyone would be blessed looking at this gorgeous side profile all the time.

10 iYE0BAE

8. Imagine him cooking a delicious meal for you.

4 jjongcherrybae

4.1 jjongcherrybae

9. He’s so endearing when he’s intensely focused on something!

16 iYE0BAE

10. Bed selcas. Enough said.

17 atzoff

11. Looking casual and comfy in a soft and adorable beanie.

20 atzoff

12. Boyfriend material… Really, more like prince material, right?



13. Duality king!!

14. Even if he has soft and sweet visuals often, don’t forget he can also look like this.


15. He’s ready to love you.

16. He really has it all!

17. A sunset drive with Yeosang would be heaven, wouldn’t it?