Each member of ATEEZ recommended songs for their ultimate playlist on Naver Now. When it was Wooyoung‘s turn, he couldn’t forget about his best friend TXT‘s Yeonjun.


So, he chose TXT’s “Crown” and also said a special message for him.

ateez wooyoung

He first explained that he’d chosen the song because it was from the group of his best friend. Then, he told Yeonjun to stay healthy and that they should meet each other soon.

txt yeonjun

And, he had to finish it with an “I love you” because that’s what friends are for, to remind you that they care and are cheering for you no matter what.

Wooyoung and Yeonjun may not seen each other as often as they’d probably like due to their busy schedules, but their friendship remains as strong as ever.

txt yeonjun ateez wooyoung