Actress Kim Tae Hee decided that giving her nieces a tour of her workplace was just not enough. She gave them an opportunity of a lifetime, filming for a CF advertising bedroom furniture brand “Allerman”- to the envy of many rookie idols, celebrities and people dreaming of appearing on screen.

Several behind-the-scenes pictures have been spotted circulating on various online community sites. In the pictures, Kim Tae Hee is seen making cute aegyo poses with her nieces and they look like they’re having a blast being their normal selves. It’s worthy to note that the nieces have a strong resemblance to their celebrity aunt.

It’s been revealed that after Kim Tae Hee heard about the concept for this CF, she personally asked and brought her nieces to the filming.

Netizens who had the chance to see the pictures commented, “The nieces look beautiful since they resemble their aunt,” “The nieces are super cute,” “CUTE.”

Soompiers, do you know of any other celebrities who revealed their non-celebrity relatives on screen?