Hey Soompiers,

The Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) is holding a contest to give you a chance to to meet 2PM and miss A in Korea!  To celebrate, we’ll be giving away three autographed copies of the amazing 2PM Hands Up” album over the next two weeks. We’ll also be giving awa y seven unsigned miss A CDs and seven unsigned 2PM CDs.  In other words, we’re giving away at least one album a day for the next two weeks!    

To participate:

1.  Tell us about your dream date with 2PM or miss A in the comments section of the following page: http://bit.ly/I2iaFj

2.  Share this story on your Facebook and/or Twitter: http://bit.ly/I4yI3w

(And if you haven’t yet, make sure to Like us on Facebook and/or follow us on Twitter!)

We’ll announce the winner and the CD we’re giving away every day!  For the autographed CDs, we’ll randomly pick three additional Soompiers on the 2PM giveaway days.

Head on over to http://bit.ly/I2iaFj and tell us about your dream outings!

Winners List
1.  [4/20] miss A CD — babeyelmo
2.  [4/21] 2PM CD — sexyguitarist_
3.  [4/22] miss A CD — khae0228
4.  [4/23] 2PM CD — Eekay
5.  autographed 2PM CD — AKIRADOWN
6.  [4/24] miss A CD —  b2utyful_day
7.  [4/25] 2PM CD — hinata0689
8.  [4/26] miss A CD — SpiderShaun
9.  [4/27] 2PM CD — iHEARTTyooh
10.[4/28] miss A CD — MirBear
11.[4/29] 2PM CD — syomie
12.[4/30] miss A CD — edclipse
13.autographed 2PM CD — Xiaoness
14.[5/01] 2PM CD — chocoblue95
15.[5/02] miss A CD — shebna12
16.[5/03] 2PM CD — paoselector
17.autographed 2PM CD — VIPGDJ 

Congrats to everyone and thank you all for participating!