Who has members that have a) held an event in LA with amazing artists including the phenomenal Macy Gray, b) worked with JYJ, and c) have been recommended by such stars as SNSD’s Taeyeon and Brian Joo? Oh, and let’s not forget the release of music in multiple countries and an extremely fast rise of fan clubs from Germany, Australia, Canada, America, Korea, etc. Of course it can only be the group that is rising in popularity with breakneck speeds, Aziatix!

The impressive list goes on as they have performed with many top stars, ranked in real time charts on Cyworld Music, quickly risen up iTunes charts, and have been featured on the front pages of many sites like MSN Music. I know what you are thinking– for a relatively new group, they have already made an amazing first impression right? Well, these trailblazers are only just getting started because now they can add a VERY impressive notch to their belt of achievements.  

The group’s “Slippin Away” was featured on the main home page of AOL Music, making them the first ever Asian-American group to be featured on the main page. Now, if that’s not something to feel proud about I don’t know what is.

Congratulations Aziatix! Be sure to check out the MV for “Slippin Away” below.