Over the past few weeks the R&B/ Hip-Hop group Aziatix’s has been teasing fans with their upcoming album release through status updates and Tweets.  A few days ago they uploaded a teaser for their upcoming track and music video, “Slippin’ Away”.  From the look and sound of the teaser there is much to look forward to as they release their second album. 

Today, through the group’s Facebook page a post was made updating fans in regards to the soulful trio’s latest project.   A photo of what appears to be the album’s cover was uploaded to their page along with the caption reading, “AZIATIX New Album “NOCTURNAL” will be released on July 28!  AZIATIX ALL DAY!!!”  It is exciting news as July 28th will be Aziatix Day!  Be sure to support Aziatix’s by purchasing your copy of “Nocturnal” on iTunes and Naver when it drops on the 28th, fans certainly will not be disappointed!

What do you think of the cover?  Do you like the group’s concept?

Source: Aziatix’s Facebook Page