American based Aziatix had some exciting news to share with fans.  It all began on June 28th when a message left on their official Facebook page hinted at the recent goings on of the group.  “In the STUDIO making what may be the most EPIC release of the YEAR!!! AZIATIX ALL DAY!!!”   Almost a week later another update came, revealing that they were wrapping things up, “In the studio…Last day of mixing for AZIATIX NEW ALBUM! It’s gonna be EPIC!!! #AZIATIX ALL DAY!!!”  Followed by another post left mentioning new content, “Heading out to the mastering studio today…New music is coming your way very soon! AZIATIX ALL DAY!!!”

After all that hype over the course of the past few weeks, finally the announcement came as to what the Aziatix crew had been hard at work on.  Just yesterday the trio released their latest single entitled, “COLD Remix”, which includes two versions of their previous release of the same name.  “COLD Remix” is available for download on the Korean site Naver as well as through iTunes.

Update, the remixes weren’t the only projects the fellas were working on as their Facebook page explains that the trips to the recording studio were infact for an upcoming new album!  How exciting is that?  Are you ready for some all new Aziatix?  I sure know I am!

Are you feeling curious as to whether or not to buy the single?  Feel free to check out the “COLD Remix” music video that just dropped as well.  Just in case you need a little more encouragement.  Enjoy.