The third set of teaser pictures for B.A.P‘s “Bad Man” comeback now been revealed on the group’s Facebook page . Today we see Zelo and Jong Up‘s teasers. This time they are outside abandoned buildings. 

Yesterday’s teasers featured Bang Young Guk and Himchan while the day before had Dae Hyun and Youngjae 

(Above: Zelo, below:Jongup)

jongup _ badmin

“Bad Man” will be the group’s third mini album. B.A.P announced that they will be having thee title songs in this upcoming mini-album. The album will consist of six tracks, including the already released “Coffee Shop” and “Hurricane.” The other four tracks are as follows: “What’s Poppin,” “Badman,” “Excuse Me,” and “Bow Wow.” The group had previously released their album jacket and a track list

While “Badman” is set to be released on August 6, B.A.P will also be throwing a concert called “B.A.P Live on Earth Seoul Wanted” on August 17 and 18.