The boys of B.A.P are sure keeping themselves busy this year!

Teaser images of leader Yong Guk and main vocalist Dae Hyun were released on October 15. Yong Guk is dressed as a decorative warrior specializing in defense. He wears an extravagant blue and gold helmet with spikes and the bottom resembles a part of a football helmet. His small smirk reveals that he’s ready for what’s to come.

Dae Hyun is seen wearing special training gear ready for some offense. His sparkly baby blue training robe recalls Hyun Bin’s popular sequined tracksuit. He wears special blue gloves made out of “Champ Power,” which covers most of his face leaving only his fierce gaze to tell his story.

Their agency has revealed that the concept for the image teaser is “hipster” and has said, “B.A.P has shown many different sides of themselves from their debut track ‘Warrior’ to ‘Crash.’ They will again reveal a new side to themselves and the public can look forward to the change.”

They will release their 3rd single album on October 23. Teaser images of the other members will be released within the near future.

Soompiers, are the B.A.P boys looking hip?