On October 17, B.A.P revealed the final set of teasers for their third single album, “Don’t Do It,” featuring Himchan and Youngjae.

Keeping in line with the concept they had for the previous teasers, today’s photos also cover half of the face of both members, creating a mysterious aura for their comeback. Himchan is seen wearing a leather studded hat, while Youngjae appears in an oddly shaped head band. But more than anything, fans seem to be welcoming the group’s return to bleached hair.

Meanwhile, B.A.P is scheduled to hold their first fan club launch party on October 27. TS Entertainment said, “B.A.P’s still a rookie band that only debuted 9 months ago, but we organized a special meeting to return the love our fans have showed us.”

B.A.P’s third single album, “Don’t Do It,” is set for release on October 23. Stay tuned for more updates!