B.A.P.’s Hmchan thanked BABYs for their 200th day anniversary with a hand-written letter. On July 12, the letter was posted on B.A.P.’s official fancafe, expressing his and the group’s gratitude towards their fans.

Himchan wrote, “You know that the time we have to spend together is far greater than the time we’ve already spent. I think of it as a romantic relationship without goodbyes. I love you.”

Fans were especially impressed with Himchan’s pretty and neat handwriting which reflected his pretty face. Prior to his debut, Himchan was known as the “gukak [Korean traditional music] ulzzang [pretty face].” He graduated from the Gukak National Junior High School and the Gukak National High School. He currently attends the Korea National University of the Arts.”

B.A.P. debuted with “Warrior” 200 days ago.