Idol group B.A.P has revealed their bright and energetic pictorial.

B.A.P has been featured in the September issue of “Elle Girl.” The boys are seen posing with their signature energy and charisma. Additional props such as the travel suitcase and the tennis rackets enhanced the energetic atmosphere.

In the interview that followed, B.A.P was asked about their fellow senior idol boy groups. They said, “We are watching their performances on various music programs and we are learning a lot from them.”

They were also asked how they felt standing on their first come back stage. They answered, “We put together this album with the purpose of communicating with our fans. So we really enjoyed ourselves as if we were throwing a concert, rather than broadcasting a performance.”

Also, the boys of B.A.P were asked how they would confess to a girl they liked. The youngest Zelo answered, “I want to dance and fly down the stairs like the one scene in the movie, ‘Step Up,’” while the leader Bang Yong Gook shyly answered, “Instead of words, I want to show her my heart through my eyes.”

With the motto of “if you can’t avoid it, enjoy it,” the boys of B.A.P are taking steps forward in the K-Pop world. You can check out their interview along with the photo shoot in the September issue of “Elle Girl” magazine.