B.A.P has swept across Germany’s music charts by taking the #1 and #2 spots, proving their strong K-Pop stardom even overseas.

According to the German Asian Music Chart, B.A.P’s title track “No Mercy” from their first mini-album placed #1 in rankings for the month of August. Afterwards, B.A.P released a repackaged album with a new track “Crash,” which also took the #2 spot, marking B.A.P’s explosive popularity in Germany.

Other artists who are receiving worldwide spotlights such as Psy, Xiah Junsu, G-Dragon and Super Junior are also on the German Asian Music Chart. But the fact that B.A.P took the first and second spots on the same chart, speaks volumes about their rising popularity and success.

“No Mercy” was placed at the #1 spot for two months in Germany and also was placed #1 for five weeks on a Taiwanese music chart. B.A.P’s popularity is sweeping across both Europe and Asia. Moreover, B.A.P is showing strong potential to receive the “Rooke of the Year” award for 2012.

On September 22, B.A.P held a successful showcase that was visited by over 50 media outlets and 2,000 fans. They have finished promotions for “Crash” and are currently working on a new album.