On August 22, B.A.P‘s agency TS Entertainment announced, “B.A.P will be wrapping up the promotional cycle of ‘No Mercy,’ which topped K-Pop chart in Taiwan for 5 consecutive weeks and German Asian music monthly chart, and release a repackaged album with two new songs added to the original one.”

“No Mercy” is of hip hop genre with an experimental flare, showcasing hip hop rhythm with rock guitar riff and adding traditional Korean music and dialect rap. Upon its release on July 19, “No Mercy” topped Taiwan’s G-music K-pop weekly chart and has not budged for five weeks. In August, B.A.P reached the first place on a German music chart as soon as they entered the chart.

Previously, B.A.P garnered much attention with their powerful and charismatic debut title “Warrior.” They went through a transformation and presented themselves as sweet, loving, romantic guys for “Secret Love.” The two new songs to be added to the repackaged album are written by new rising song-writer team Double Side Kick. Double Side Kick has written SISTAR‘s “Loving You,” MBLAQ‘s “This is War,” Baek Ji Young‘s “Voice” and many other songs.