Idol group B.A.P.‘s Daehyun has recently covered one of IU‘s signature songs, “Good Day,” with an impressive 7-level high note progression.

On August 4, B.A.P. along with other rookie idol groups were guests on the SBS radio show, “Two O’Clock Escape With Cultwo.” The show allowed the artists to show off their individual talents and introduce their new tracks.

During the program, the emcees requested that each group’s main vocalist sing the 3-level high note part of .U’s “Good Day.” B.A.P.’s Daehyun sang the song with a 7-level high note progression, which easily got him the #1 spot out of all the others.

Daehyun is from Busan and has been dubbed the “Busan Won Bin” since his debut. On this day, Daehyun not only showed that he is a pretty face but also a skilled singer, much to the delight of his fans.

Also during this session, B.A.P. sang their newest track, “No Mercy” live on air.

Check out Daehyun’s 7-level note progression below: