B.A.P’s Himchan, Jongup, Zelo, and Youngjae appeared as guests on SBS PowerFM radio show “NCT’s Night Night,” where they answered various questions about their members.

One of the questions asked them to pick the member with the strangest habits. Himchan picked Zelo because he always says “me, too” and goes with the other members’ decisions. For example, if Jongup was going to eat black bean noodles, Zelo would automatically say he would eat that as well. Himchan recalled, “I guess Jongup was fed up with that one day because when Zelo asked him what he was going to eat, Jongup said, ‘I’m going to eat pickled radish, so you should, too.’ So I think saying ‘me, too’ is Zelo’s unique habit.”

Youngjae chose Himchan as the member with the strangest habit because Himchan dislikes silence. Youngjae revealed, “Himchan hates being bored, so he always has to talk. Sometimes, we don’t respond because we’re tired. Then he keeps talking until someone responds to him.” To that, Himchan explained, “I feel like I’m alive when I’m talking, so I have to keep talking.”

They also had to pick which member they would sit with on flights. Zelo picked Bang Yong Guk because he becomes calm when he’s with the leader. He said, “I tend to talk with the other members, but when I’m with Bang Yong Guk, I just find something to do or go to sleep. The mood becomes really calm, so I think it’s great.” Himchan also chose Bang Yong Guk because he’s able to sleep peacefully when he’s with Bang Yong Guk, who’s on the quiet side.

On the other hand, Youngjae chose Jongup to sit with on flights. Youngjae said, “While sleeping, Jongup doesn’t move a lot, and he’s quiet, too.” As for Jongup, it was revealed that he wants to fly alone. He explained, “On the plane, you can watch a lot of movies, so I think it’s a good time to be alone.”

Last but not least, B.A.P chose which member they would like to make a wish for while watching the sunrise on New Year’s Day. Jongup chose to make a wish for Himchan and explained, “I picked Himchan because I want him to be healthy next year.” Himchan chose himself because he’s not satisfied with the way he’s living and admitted he wonders a lot about why he’s living this way. Youngjae also chose to make a wish for Himchan, saying, “Himchan is turning 29 next year, so I want to make a wish for him to overcome that age successfully.” Himchan responded with a joke, saying, “I’m 21 in my heart, so it’s all good.”

Unlike the other members, Zelo chose to make a wish for Bang Yong Guk because he hardly leaves his home. “If Bang Yong Guk is going to keep staying home, I want to make a ridiculous wish that there could be something there, like an arcade, that he could comfortably enjoy,” Zelo commented.

Meanwhile, B.A.P recently made a comeback with “Hands Up.”

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