In B.A.P’s latest music video for “Hands Up,” fans speculated that a body double may have been used for Daehyun in a few shots.

A source from the industry reported that Daehyun filmed his close-up shots, but a backup dancer took his place in some other portions of the music video. Fans figured it was due to his musical “All Shook Up,” but a news outlet found out that there were no schedule conflicts with the musical at the time.

In response to these reports and speculations, a source from TS Entertainment stated, “It’s true that we used a body double for Daehyun while shooting the music video. He had to leave during filming due to his personal schedule. It wasn’t because of any injuries, but it was due to an unavoidable reason.”

“It’s not true that he only filmed close-up shots. He was in some group shots as well,” they added.

Meanwhile, you can watch the music video for “Hands Up” below:

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