Here are the CF’s for Tropicana Sparkling as endorsed by rookies B1A4 and fellow show-mates Block B. I don’t know about you but after watching both I’m starting to get pretty thirsty!  How do you feel about the CFs?


There has been much talk surrounding Block B even before their debut. All of this attention that the boys had been receiving was rightfully so. They could perhaps be seen as potential contenders for the rookie of the year for 2011.  Arguments in their favor were the fact that within a month of their debut they already were scheduled to have a reality TV show which followed them in their daily lives.  If that weren’t enough of a reason for Block B to be separated from other recent rookies who have made their debuts consider this:  how many of them have already been chosen to endorse a product and have completed filming on that commercial and it is now airing within just a few months since their debut?  Just as it was expected, not many at all…  That is aside from B1A4 who also have had the same opportunities as Block B since they both star in MTV K‘s reality show “Match Up” which is sponsored by Tropicana.