B1A4 invited fans and readers of CeCi magazine to their bedroom for a photo shoot. Under the title “While You Were Sleeping,” each and every member of B1A4 wore comfortable sleeveless tank top, t-shirts, and shorts, as if they were are in their bedrooms. B1A4 seems to be on the border of boyhood and manhood, nonchalantly lifting the t-shirt and gently glaring into the camera, displaying playful and yet sexy charms.

Baro stood out the most with his chocolate abs and bad-boy charm. He surprised everyone on the set of the photo shoot with his hidden masculinity, which is so drastically different from his playful and youthful onstage persona.

A staff member from B1A4’s photo shoot commented, “Photo shoots like this one are the hardest for the models to work with. They have to look as natural as possible. B1A4 did a great job. They did not only look comfortable and natural, but also presented mysterious expressions of boys becoming men in this shoot. They could as well be professional models.”

B1A4’s new pictorial interview is featured in the upcoming issue of CeCi, which is also available on CeCi iPad Magazine along with BTS video footage.