Rookie boyband B1A4 was in Thailand few days ago to launch a new packaging of Big Cola as the drink’s ambassador. The press conference was held to mark the launch of the new packaging of the drink that can be bought only from 7-Eleven stores in Thailand. 

Members Jinyoung, Baro, Sandeul, CNU and Gongchan flew to Bangkok specially to reveal their Big Cola CF named ‘B1A4 BIG COLA’, along with May Pitchanath, Big Cola’s Brand Ambassador. This new CF’s concept is ‘Big Cola no caffeine’ and will be aired for the first time on August 1.

At the press conference, B1A4 warmed up easily to the fans present and pleased them with superior fans service. They also performed their debut title “OK”. Now alot of fans are looking forward to their very first overseas showcase that will take place in Singapore this coming week!

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Q: How do you feel about Thailand?

Jinyoung : Last night we arrived very late. I thought not many fans would come to see us as much as this. I was very impressed. Even we arrived very late but many fans came and held the signs for us. I was very happy.

Q: How do you feel about being Big Cola’s presenter?

Baro : Actually, We love drinking cola. To be Big Cola’s presenter makes us happy. Thank you for choosing us to be the presenter.

Q: How was the CF recording with May?
B1A4 : We’ve heard that May is the superstar here. We’re very glad. The CF recording went very well.

Q: Do you know that May is very popular in Thailand?

B1A4 : Yes, We’ve heard before.

Q: Are you shy to work with sexy girl?

B1A4 : She’s very pretty. Sometimes we’re shy but May’s very good to us so we felt so comfortable.

Q: What’s the impressive thing about Thai fans?

B1A4 : We just met Thai fans yesterday but we’re very welcomed. Fans also hold the sign saying our names. We’re very glad. Whenever we see the sign, We can feel that they did it with their heart.

Q: What’s your ideal type?

CNU : I like the girl who take care of me very well.

Sandeul : I like the cheerful girl always doing her best in everything.

Baro : I like the girl who can understand me well. Talking with her could make me more comfortable.

Jinyoung : I like the girl who looks only at me, Loves only me.

Gongchan : I like all girls


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Let’s watch the CF and ohh-ahh along with the response from the audience de42


credit: AppleRella

All images credit: Reer Media
Source: Reer Media’s press release