The members of B1A4 decided they need a change and quit their lives as idols.. or did they?

On October 18, members Sandeul and Jinyoung uploaded pictures of themselves wearing animal costumes on their personal twitters. Jinyoung updated his status with “B1A4 as dolls!! Did you see us this morning? ^^” and Sandeul later wrote, “The student who grabbed the duck’s tail earlier is mean.. ㅠㅠ..”

What could they possibly be doing in those costumes? It turns out that the members are going around advertising their upcoming solo concert while also making it a special event where they can interact with the fans. They passed out fliers in front of schools to meet as many fans as possible.

Some of the lucky fans found out that the dolls were B1A4 through twitter and went into a temporary mental state of shock. Others who found out much after they ran into the idol members were very sad they found out too late.

Soompiers, do you think the members of B1A4 have to advertise this way because there are way too many idol groups now? Or could it be a fun idea the company thought the fans would enjoy?