On an episode of KBS joy “B1A4’s Hello Baby” that aired on August 1, members of B1A4 had a quiz show segment titled “How much do you know about Seoul?” The answers, or lack thereof, the members gave recently raised concerns among fans and netizens.

The whole thing began with the question asking all members to write down the name of the mayor of Seoul. Only Shinwoo wrote the correct answer, Park Won Soon. The other members incorrectly answered or wrote names of other famous politicians. They were also unable to give correct answers when they were asked about five traditional palaces located in Seoul. Considering that these questions were designed to test what is considered as basic common knowledge, many fans and netizens expressed concerns.

When the captured scenes of B1A4 members’ incorrect answers spread like wildfire online, netizens seem surprised and disappointed. They commented, “Do they not watch news?” “I get that they are idols and busy, but they need to know these basic things,” and “They are adults, they should know better.” However, some fans and netizens didn’t see the big fuss in this issue and defended B1A4 with comments like, “Do you absolutely have to know who the mayor of Seoul is?” and “So what? Not everyone is interested in politics.”