Will B1A4 be nicknamed “good deed-dol”?

From August 7 to 11, B1A4 will hold its second stand-alone concert, the “2013 B1A4 Limited Show-Amazing Store,” in Seoul’s Uniqlo-Ax Concert Hall. Instead of wreaths that is customary for concerts and other events of similar magnitude, this concert will accept workbooks, stationaries, notebooks and similar items, which will later be donated to school children as part of an ongoing charity run

B1A4 is working with CJ’s charity foundation “Donor’s Camp” for this campaign and hope to support the education of children who are in need. WM Entertainment expressed support for B1A4’s enthusiasm to work with their fans to make an impact on today’s children, and hoped that this campaign will allow the charity culture in Korea to grow.

The “2013 B1A4 Limited Show-Amazing Store” is planned to be set in a relatively small location, being only able to hold approximately 2000 people. This was purposefully done to keep the namesake of the ‘Limited Show’ that B1A4’s concert is named.

B1A4’s concerts are planned to be held at a different stage every time to create an overarching storyline told in a musical-like style. As such, the group plans to perform all their songs in a different arrangement to create a new musical experience for their dedicated concert going fans. B1A4 member Jin Young has been organizing and arranging this concert for half a year, showing the special effort and time he is putting into the program.