According to various news reports, B1A4′s CNU has sustained a serious knee injury. The injury is serious enough to warrant surgery. However, this injury apparently happened right before releasing the group’s new album in August. Apparently, CNU didn’t want their comeback to be pushed back because of him and insisted on continuing with promotions.

Despite the pain and discomfort, CNU has participated in all of the promotional activities the group has had. Apparently, fans have been suspicious of his condition due to seeing him wear kneepads. Nevertheless, the eldest B1A4 member didn’t show signs of pain and kept working diligently.

His agency has responded to these reports and commented, “[He] has damaged his knee cartilage. This became known before the release of the album, but it was decided that promotions would continue while receiving regular treatment. B1A4 will have concerts on September 12 and 13; we plan to make sure that it will not be too hard on his knee. We are planning for surgery after the concerts.”

We hope he recovers completely soon!

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