After just 18 months since their debut, B1A4 is having their very first solo concert in Seoul! The up-and-coming five member boy band has revealed that their first solo concert, “BABA B1A4,” will be held on December 8 and 9 at the Olympic Handball Stadium in Seoul.

Having a solo concert with less than two years of experience is a rare feat in Korea. B1A4 has released consecutive hit singles, including “Baby Good Night” and “Beautiful Target,” and saw their popularity continue to rise over the short career.

In fact, after the concert dates were announced through their website, B1A4’s official homepage saw more than 55,000 rush to the site, nearly slowing the servers on the site. The agency believes this will lead to more concerts for B1A4 as fans are demanding more of these live events.

“B1A4 is considered one of the most successful idol groups to have debuted last year, so we expect to see a friendly and funny image of the group’s unique personality through this concert. B1A4 members are really committed to this concert and are working extra hard to make sure a good performance,” the concert’s organizer CJ E&M said.

Tickets will go on sale starting from October 18 through Mnet, Yes24, and Interpark.