On April 27, the magazine “ize” released an interview with B1A4’s Jinyoung in which he shared why compliments don’t affect him that much.

“Whether it’s good words or bad words, only 50% of it sinks in,” he said. “No matter who’s talking, no one is ever 100% right.”

Jinyoung, who has composed several songs for B1A4 as well as Oh My Girl and “Produce 101,” talked about the pressure he feels when composing music. “In the past, when someone said that they didn’t like one of my songs, I used to feel really hurt,” he admitted. “But now I think to myself that it’s just their opinion.”

“Once you let your whole day be affected by one person’s words, it all collapses,” he continued. “My song ‘Baby I’m Sorry’ was the first time I’d made a title track, and I remixed it about seven times. I didn’t have any confidence. If someone said this part was bad, I’d change it. If someone said something about another part, I’d change that too.”

“Eventually the mixing producer told me that a producer needed to have his own endurance,” he concluded. “Until I had something of my own, I couldn’t listen to other people’s words.”

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