On March 14, B1A4 released all songs from their first regular album “THE B1A4 Ⅰ ‘IGNITION’” online before their official comeback. The title song “Baby I’m Sorry” immediately entered the top 10 of all major online music charts. The nine other songs from the album also earned high spots in these charts. 

B1A4’s leader Jin Young composed, wrote the lyrics for, and produced the title song “Baby I’m Sorry.” The song features a catchy melody and a unique composition that brings out unexpected twists. Many listeners already praise this uniquely charming song. Jin Young was also in charge of the overall production of the album. 

Jin Young’s musical talent and accomplishments shown in this album gave him a new nickname of “Monster,” as he has continuously included his own songs in every B1A4 album and shown more refined musical achievements. Many experts highly value Jin Young’s drive in improving himself to the point where he can successfully produce the group’s first regular album. Moreover, the fact that a rookie idol group decided not to depend on famous songwriters and rather break into the music industry on their own draws many industry officials and fans’ attention. 

People are already anticipating to see B1A4 competing against other big named artists like BIGBANG, 2AM, SHINee, and CN Blue, who are also making comebacks in March and April.