How wonderful would it be if you could go camping with your favourite celebrity and have a chance to get so close to them that they would remember your name and face?

This is what happened to Lee Hyori’s fans when Hyori organized the “2010 Hyori & Us” camp on October 9th. Hyori created this camp in hopes of getting to know more about her fans and their lives. This event was recorded by B2M company, the video has just been released in a few hours by B2M. 

Conducted at a small training institute in the country, the camp was held for one night and two days. Although short, it was enough time for the fans to enjoy themselves thoroughly and remember the experience nostalgically.

At the beginning of the camp, Hyori and around 100 participants had a joyful lunch together. Hyori did not hesitate to have a meal together with the fans and mingled amongst them so well that it was hard to believe that she was a “top celebrity” in Korea.

After lunch, they went to play at a field nearby, running and catching each other. This gave fans a chance to get closer to one another as they were strangers to each other as much as they were strangers to Hyori.

The highlight of the camp happened during the night when Hyori played the guitar for her fans. She had practiced for a month and even showed the acoustic version of her hit songs such as ‘Ten Minutes’. She arranged western pop songs like ‘Ain’t No Sunshine’ and ‘Umbrella’ into her own style and presented them to her fans. With a total of 11 songs sung and performed on the stage, it was almost like Hyori had a mini-concert!

In her fluttering dress, Hyori was seemed like an angel to her fans while performing. The stage was located in the midst of the woods, creating a peaceful atmosphere that was quite different from regular performances. By the end of the performance when Hyori sang ‘Scandal’, all of her fans were singing along with her. Hyori beamed beautifully at her fans, showing appreciation for their support.

Hyori decided not to wear her make-up for the duration of the camp. She believed that she would be able to connect with her fans much easier by doing so. At night when it was a time for everyone to go to bed, Hyori was the last person to go to bed as she went around different rooms and beds to check that everyone was sleeping well.

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