A new YouTube video related to Psy‘s “Gangnam Style” is stirring up responses on the web and this time, it’s about a baby who won’t eat unless the song is playing!

In the video, 10-month old baby Benjamin was seen fussing and crying when his father tried to feed him. But as soon as the father hit play on the “Gangnam Style” music video, Benjamin immediately fell quiet and peacefully received his food. In order to check if Benjamin’s behavior was a coincidence, the father stopped the music and tried to feed him again but lo and behold, Benjamin started crying again.

Netizens who saw this clip commented, “He is so cute,” “I should try feeding my baby like that,” “That is so strange,” and more.

Meanwhile, Psy is busier than ever, performing at college festivals and holding a free concert in front of Seoul’s city hall to show his appreciation to the Korean people.

Check out baby Benjamin and his “Gangnam Style” feeding session below!