After a fair amount of bouncing around and being bumped from broadcast schedules, SBS’s Bad Guy is finally locked in to a time slot: It will premiere in two weeks, following next week’s finale of Prosecutor Princess.

As previously mentioned, Bad Guy encountered some trouble when its original May air date was taken over by Kim Sun-ah’s I Am Legend, and Bad Guy found itself bumped to August (though it hadn’t gotten a firm premiere date). However, when Kim quit that drama, I Am Legend found itself suddenly adrift and needed more time to recast and prepare, allowing for Bad Guy to move back.

The Kim Nam-gil vehicle has attracted viewers’ interest due to his star-making turn in last year’s Queen Seon-deok, where he pretty much stole the show. This will also likely be the last project he films before he’s called to his mandatory military service. Co-starring Han Ga-in, Oh Yeon-soo, and Kim Jae-wook, the drama has already been sold to Japanese broadcaster NHK for a 2011 broadcast.

To which I say: Yay! I’ve been intrigued by this drama since watching its preview, and could really dig something dark and suspenseful right about now. Here’s to hoping it’s good.

Via Star News

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