On October 30, Bada posted on her Twitter, “Eugene, who used to wake me up, make me breakfast and helped me fold up my dry laundry 8 years ago is now the wife of another man. I’m so sad but at the same time so happy for her.”

The picture Bada shows is of her sad-looking face decorated with two slices of Kleenex below her eyes, making them seem like thick tears. Behind her, Eugene and her husband Ki Tae Young are holding hands and lovingly smiling at each other. Bada is the only member of former girl group SES who has not married, and showed comical envy towards the couple. 

Netizens various comments included, “It’s sad to even see this,” “Eugene is mean,” and “So Eugene was Bada’s maid.”

Meanwhile, Eugene is currently running her own online shopping mall and is working as its CEO.