Bada held a press conference in Seoul on August 18 to display photos taken in Cebu, Philippines.  With a beautiful sea in the background, and Bada’s name (“bada” means “sea” in Korean), it is only natural that the concept of the photoshoot was “In the Sea.” 

Yeah, you’re looking at the same photos I am, and I don’t see anything remotely sea-related in here, except I suppose Bada herself.  However, sea or no sea, Bada looks gorgeous and totally sexy!  It’s too bad this photoshoot wasn’t released in time for yesterday’s article covering SES’s whereabouts.  People had commented the girls had grown up very gracefully, and here’s more proof of that!

Starting in October, Bada will star with Kara’s Gyuri in an upcoming musical in Japan. 

Update: Now the sea-related photos are coming out!