Bae Doona has transformed into her character Kang Hwi Ru for upcoming romance comedy “The Greatest Divorce” (working title).

Based on the Japanese drama “Matrimonial Chaos,” “The Greatest Divorce” is a romantic comedy exploring the question if marriage really is the true completion of love. It’s a fun, honest depiction of the difference between men and women’s thoughts regarding love, marriage, and family.

Bae Doona plays the charismatic, lovable wife of Jo Seok Moo (Cha Tae Hyun) named Kang Hwi Ru. She is also down-to-earth and optimistic. Bold and tomboyish, she’s slightly disorganized and has the habit of not cleaning up. This is why she often gets into arguments with Cha Tae Hyun, who is sensitive and tidy.

In the new stills, Bae Doo Na isn’t wearing any make-up, and yet, her pure face shines with glamour. Her hair is disheveled, as if she has just woken up, and she is cleaning her face with soap. Her natural appearance makes the scene look more realistic.

The drama will premiere on October 8.

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