Actress Bae Hae Sun confessed that filming the scene where her character slaps Kim Tae Hee‘s was very hard.

During an interview on September 3 with Star News, she said, “I was shaking when I was preparing for the scene where I slap her cheek because Kim Tae Hee was so pretty. It was the first time I slapped a woman.” However, she added, “I rehearsed it multiple times with Kim Tae Hee and I was able to finish the scene without NGs.”

Bae Hae Sun said, “The scene was about controlling emotions for me and for Kim Tae Hee, she had to have her eyes closed so it was important to be very focused. Because there would be a handprint if I did it wrong, we had to make sure we got it in one take.” She then said, “Kim Tae Hee said, ‘It’s okay. Please do it comfortably,’ and focused with me.”

Bae Hae Sun revealed, “After the scene, Kim Tae Hee said, ‘That didn’t hurt as much as I thought. It was good that you really went for it.’ She was really happy about it.”

The veteran actress also said about Kim Tae Hee’s acting, “It’s not just her face that’s beautiful, but she’s very good at intricately pulling up emotions.” She added, “I think she looks so beautiful on screen and it’s not just because of her exterior.”

Meanwhile, Bae Hae Sun acted alongside Kim Tae Hee in SBS‘s Wednesday-Thursday drama “Yong Pal.”

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