CIX recently opened up about their honest thoughts ahead of their upcoming debut where Bae Jinyoung revealed why he chose to re-debut with a group rather than continuing his solo career.


In the midst of talking about how fellow members are there to make up for what another member lacks, Seunghoon turned to Bae Jinyoung and asked, “You debuted with Wanna One and succeeded. You also debuted as a solo artist and succeeded in that as well. So what made you decide to re-debut with CIX?


In response, Bae Jinyoung replied, “I don’t want momentary happiness, but one that lasts a long time. I like working with other members to achieve one common dream.


He also added, “I don’t want to just debut no matter what. I want to show my fans a perfect performance, not one that’s lacking in any way. I want to be acknowledged as a singer. That’s the kind of person I want to become.


CIX is set to debut on July 23 with their very first album.