Bae Sung Woo has shared the funny story of his first meeting with Nam Joo Hyuk.

On September 13, Bae Sung Woo held an interview ahead of the premiere of his upcoming film “The Great Battle.” On his co-star Nam Joo Hyuk, he shared, “Nam Joo Hyuk is so handsome, I completely fell for him.”

Bae Sung Woo explained, “I saw him for the first time in the costume truck, and I was shocked. All the actors had darkened their faces with make-up. If it were the Silla era, Nam Joo Hyuk looked like a member of Hwarang [a handsome group of warriors]. His skin was nice, he didn’t have a beard, and he sat with his long hair. His face was so small, I thought he was a girl.”

The actor continued, “I thought, ‘Why is this beautiful actress sitting here?’ But he suddenly said, ‘Hello, hyung.’” He laughed and added, “He wasn’t the type of person to be discouraged. He’s shameless. We had fun filming together, and got close quickly.”

Bae Sung Woo shared, “When we filmed, we needed to put on freckles with make-up. When we flicked a brush, the freckles would appear. It was my first time doing this kind of make-up, so it was really fascinating. This kind of thing seems to be the trend nowadays.” He laughed and said, “I saw other trendy things as well.”

He mentioned “Feng Shui,” an upcoming film starring Cho Seung Woo that would be released on the same day as “The Great Battle,” saying, “We have ties of being in the same musical troupe in the past. I hope that [both films] will do well. People who make movies have a thing, where they want both to receive love.” He praised his competitor, sharing, “Cho Seung Woo used to be very handsome in the past too, and now he’s already 40 years old. He now has the aura of a top actor. He has a different kind of coolness.”

“The Great Battle” will premiere on September 19.

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