BAE173’s Hangyul is one of the few K-Pop idols who are adopted, and during his appearance on K-Pop Idol Olympic, he gave a positive message about growing up in an orphanage.

Hangyul pre-debut

Hangyul shared that he isn’t ashamed of the fact that he grew up in an orphanage.

I don’t think it’s (growing up in an orphanage) something I should be ashamed of. I’ve been living just fine.

— Hangyul

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He also shared that he often talks about this on broadcasts since he wants his friends from his orphanage to be more confident about themselves.

I wanted my friends from the orphanage to see me talking about it confidently on TV and be more confident about it themselves. That’s why I brought it up because it’s not something to be ridiculed for. We’ve all been trying hard.

— Hangyul

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Here’s the full video below!