Baek Ah Yeon has popped up on the top of music charts, which is a pleasant surprise for music fans.

Based on June 12 at 1 p.m., her song “Shouldn’t Have…,” which has released on May 20, is finally gaining the lime light is deserves by taking second place on Melon’s music chart. It is also third place in Naver, Monkey 3 Music, and Genie’s music chart.

“Shouldn’t Have…” is a song based on her own experiences of being led on and the bittersweet emotions of heartache. Despite the lack of promotion, the relatable lyrics and her charming voice were enough to capture listeners’ attention,

Meanwhile, Baek Ah Yeon was the first to debut out of the stars of “K-pop Star 1.” She has already made a name for herself by singing the soundtracks for several dramas, including SBS’s “Chungdam Dong Alice” and MBC’s “Man in Love,” due to her emotion packed voice. Her last album, “A Good Boy” also received positive reviews.

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